When you hear someone saying there is light at the end of the tunnel, don’t be too quick to jump in just yet to affirm this very saying. We concentrate so much on this eventual light and fail to see even the blip that sparks our path. Blogger Kofi Cephas just might have met his light— not the eventual light but the ones we seldom celebrate.

No victory is ever too insignificant to be celebrated and glorified in.

17th March 2018 was a day of appreciation and a call to honor and encourage the little lot of students who have decided to see life beyond the classroom to contribute in their own small way to this mega show life puts up.

Classic Awards is a University of Professional Studies otherwise known as UPSA scheme that seeks to target efforts of individual students who are engaging in other extra curriculum activities.

Kofi Cephas who has followed his passion right up until now was amongst the few fortunate ones to be due to this award.

He is not only passion driven but has a philanthropic touch to his buzzing aura. In December 2016, Cephas together with friends brought smiles to the faces of the people of Kojokrom, Takoradi when they painted a 6 classroom room block of Anoe Basic school including the interior.

Beyond painting schools and putting smiles on the faces of others to make this hard knock life a lot easier, he again donated 40” TV and snacks to the Twin City Special School.

Every great thing once started very little and this is exactly what our man here is doing. The fact is we have seen some throwback pictures of The Young CEO (as he loves to be addressed) when he started on this journey which from all angles feels like a passion. His drive and call to responsibility definitely are what has garnered him this much recognition.

Cephas stole the night and took home Classic Photographer of The Year after competing with two others for that shine.

God indeed has been given all the glory but I always remember him saying— wake up and chase that dream, the hustle is real. You might wake up and struck gold one day, who knows?.

Congratulations are certainly in order. We wish you well young King.

This story originally appeared on ghgossip.com