“Celebrities Not Advertising Alcoholic Beverages Will Not Stop People From Drinking Alcohol” – Amandzeba ‘Punches’ FDA

Veteran highlife artiste Amandzeba Nat Brew popularly known in the music circles as Amandzeba has waded into the recent debate about the necessity of the ban imposed on celebrities by the FDA which prevents them from advertising alcoholic beverages.

According to Amandzeba, a celebrity’s endorsement of an alcoholic beverage is not a factor which determines if a person will drink alcohol or not.

Speaking on Joy FM’s programme, Showbiz A-Z, Amandzeba was of the view that alcohol consumption is a choice influenced by one’s moral upbringing and not what is seen on television.

In tackling the issue of the likelihood of minors getting involved in alcoholism, Amandzeba was simply of the view that “charity begins at home” and observed that what’s needed is proper upbringing!

Citing himself as an example, he said:

“As at now, before my father died two years ago, when I speak with my father I have my hands right behind me. I’m an African and I’ll have to stick to that kind of value. It’s people’s choice, they can choose to drink alcohol or not but the fact of the matter is that charity begins at home.”

On the other hand, I think that we cannot downplay the effects of celebrity influence on our kids who’ll double up to become tomorrow’s leaders. Of course, if these young ones begin to see their superstars advertising alcoholic drinks, they’re more likely to follow suit.

Besides, there are also several routes to making money as a celebrity apart from endorsement deals from companies which manufacture alcoholic drinks.

Banning celebrities from enagaging in alcoholic advertisments isn’t the only way to prevent minors from enagaging in alcoholism but surely, it isn’t a terrible idea either.