The Christmas Week In Style

All right! All right!! This just in. Christmas is around the corner and it is peeping its nose at us. Today is 15th and we have like, how many days??? About 9 days!!! Wow!!! Hey Christmas, you are really keeping long, yeah. Please hurry and come. We can hardly stand the wait! Please Christmas, don’t be late (In Alvin and the Chipmunks’ voices).

Christmas is coming, meaning we have to look for perfect outfits for the festive occasion. Events are coming right up, get together, dinners, party or just to stay stylish during the season. Don’t worry! For Christmas Sparkle with Marietta has gathered some outfit ideas for the seeeeaaason.

Ready or not, here they come!


Sunday 20th December

sun before Christmas


Sunday starts the Christmas holiday week, so to kill your style, wear your African wear that has any of the Christmas colours in it (green, red, silver, gold or white)


Monday, 21st December


You got to go to work, right or school is still in session? No worries, you can still rock the Christmas Spirit look. A white blouse over a skinny jeans and a white jacket to use if and only if you feel the Harmattan is approaching in your neighbourhood. *wink*wink*. You know the season forecast is unpredictable nowadays, which makes it difficult to guess whether the season is approaching.

Enough of the weather chat, let’s jump to the next day.

Tuesday, 22nd December

tuesday chr


We are slowly counting down to Christmas day, and your work place or school would turn a little bit festive by now. This outfit is perfect for two things; normal day at work/ school and in case there is supposed to be an end of year party at work or with mates at school. Accessorize with some bangles and a cute necklace.

Wednesday, 23rd December


For this day, I put together two outfits. Now that, you are on break from work or school by now, you would like to use this time to do your last minute shopping, travel home, or just go out for window shopping to feel the holiday life in decorated shops. I am so much in love with the second outfit, it screams Christmas is coming oooo.

Thursday, 24th December


Christmas Eve, by now the Christmas music is blaring and disturbing your neighbours. You have the right, because it is Christmas Eve, people! There would be so much excitement in the air, and you probably have so much to do today and so much events to attend. Carols night, dinner, get together and all the food and laughter you can imagine. These two perfect outfits should be picked. If you want to go African wear, the first outfit is fabulous for that. A green print high waist skirt with any black top that would make you look cute. Wear heeled sandals and some classy accessories and you are on the go.

The second outfit is super perfect for any Christmas dinner you would be attending.


Let me bring in this. Are going for a dashiki themed party? This outfit piece is so beautiful for it.


Friday, 25th December (the Glorious day)


Merry Christmas everyone!!! Now it is the glorious day, you want to go to church. This red African dress is Christmassy for it. It is such a beautiful outfit.

Having a Christmas dinner to attend or an extended family dinner plus reunion, this comfort dress is perfect for it. Accessorize with some cute bracelets and a necklace to go with it.

For the third outfit, it can be worn when you are having a memorable moment with your friends on that glorious day, maybe the day out with friends or your loved one or a little Christmas party with them.

After all, Have yourself a merry little Christmasss…….

Saturday, 26th December



It’s over now, but literally not over. Maybe, you have more events to attend or a charity work to do, to do some acts of kindness. One of these outfits is good for such occasions. What if someone is having a wedding??? The African print is great for an occasion for that.

Sunday, 27th December

pleated skirt


The skirt can be paired with a white shirt and some jewelry to accessorize. Wear a stiletto to make you look elegant.

Are you ready for a fabulous and stylish Christmas? Fa la la la laa, la la la laa

Which one was your absolute favourite? I loved the outfits for the Christmas day.