Criss Waddle And Shatta Wale Are Beefing Over Bie Gya

Criss Waddle is seriously angry at Shatta Wale for releasing a song titled “Bie Gya” Criss Waddle was the first person to reveal publicly that he is set to release a song titled ‘Bie gya’ featuring BET award-winner, Stonebwoy, then all of a sudden Shatta Wale released a song titled ‘Bie gya’ on 12th April, 2016 hours ahead of the Criss Waddle scheduled release.
criss waddle
But according to Shatta Wale, the term ‘Bie gya’ belongs to Achipalago, and that he just jumped on the term. Later Criss Waddle also posted that “This your smart di3 Adjoa smart oooo ?#?Bie Gya (Open Fire) with Stonebwoy Coming out tonight” Criss Waddle was the only musician who supported Shatta Wale when Charterhouse disqualified him.

Criss Waddle and Shatta Wale are having a banging tune titled ‘Ferrari’ together.

But in a video posted on social media earlier on 13th April, 2016, Criss Waddle is heard ranting about how one of Shatta Wale’s boys Kush Taylor has made a diss video insulting him Criss Waddle and allegedly calling him a homosexual who sleeps with old whitemen for $800. Criss Waddle also brags about his wealth and fires a lot of shots at Shatta Wale and the Shatta Movement Family.

He further described Shatta Wale as ingrate for letting go of some of the pioneers of Shatta Movement Family.

“You are a serious sell-out, Shatta Wale. Don’t go to social media and act as if you are a real nigga (guy) when in reality, you are not,” Waddle stated. “You have sold out all the pioneers of Shatta Movement Family label. That is not the life of a gangster; a gangster stays real all the time,” he continued.

“I have been very loyal to you. When you had issues with Charterhouse over Ghana Music Awards, you had no support until I came in to support you because I realised you were fighting for Ghanaian musicians. Not knowing, you were fighting for your personal interest,” Criss revealed his loyalty to Shatta Wale.

criss waddle is beefing with shatta wale

Criss Waddle further threatened to beat up Shatta Wale if he ever met him one on one. This is not the first time Shatta Wale has been involved in a beef with a fellow Ghanaian artiste. We all recall the infamous beef between himself and Samini and his current nominations “ban” by Charter House. Trouble always seems to synonymous with the Kakai hitmaker.

The feud between Criss Waddle and Shatta Wale is really heating up after boys from the camps of AMG Business and SMF have released a series of diss videos on social media.

We will keep you updated about the beef.