I Don’t Care Whether I’ll Go To Heaven or Hell After Death – Actor Ajos

64-year-old Veteran actor Kingsley Kofi Kyeremanteng, popularly known as Ajos has said he does not care whether he goes to heaven or hell after death.
The actor who was on The Delay Show spoke about family and life after death. He categorically told Delay that everybody will die, and he does not care what happens thereafter. “You look at people like Aliu Mahama, Komla Dumor, Baah Wiredu, PV Obeng….life is a journey.”
He also revealed that he takes good care of himself and that is why he looks young, adding that the most important thing for a human being is long life, so humans have to take care of themselves.

“I’ve never smoked before, I’ve never drank alcohol. All I do every day is to drink water, exercise and eat fruits,” Ajos said. When Delay asked whether he sleeps with women, he said no. He explained that as a man, once you accept that your wife is the most beautiful woman, “you’ll never involve yourself into any woman.” “Every woman has two breasts, so does my wife.

Once you jump from your wife’s breasts to another set of breasts, it adds to your expenses.” Ajos further added that the cost of phone credits alone can be able to set up a foundation for a house.

Ajos, who has been married to one wife for close to 30 years and with 10 children, revealed that she has never cheated on his wife. “That’s why I said…as a man, let your wife’s breasts be beautiful to you.

The only cheating I’ve done is to say ‘hi’ to another lady, but I’ve never had any extramarital affair.” Ajos also disclosed how he was able to save money early in his career to build his house.

He denied claims that there was no money in acting in the early days. He said he built his house about 20 years ago at Anyaa, and it was because of his dedication to save money at the early stage.

The actor also revealed that he has taken care of his children…and taken them through education. Well known for his peculiar style of dressing, Ajos said his sense of style comes to him naturally. “I started dressing at the age of 1972, and I was born with it. Because my mom used to say I was very neat. You always need to look good, and once you’re popular, you need to look smart,” he noted.

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