Arranged marriages might seem like a relic of the ‘old days’ yet it happened in the life of Lawrencia Owusu, and came with some drastic consequences.

The celebrity make-up stylist has revealed a painful story from her past which scarred her for life and made her into who she is today.

Lawrencia Owusu opened up about this bitter chapter of her life in a revealing conversation with Joselyn Dumas on the actresses’ reality girl talk program ‘Keeping It Real’.

Joselyn Dumas and Owusu were joined by Nana Esi Duker in an honest conversation about battling through pain to remain strong.

Lawrencia, who got married at an early age, revealed that the marriage was arranged by her parents when she was still in university and aged only 22.

“I got married at a very early age, right after school…, when I was writing my papers there was a husband waiting for me. Someone I didn’t know, someone I had no connection, no chemistry, no nothing with. He was ten years older than me.” she told Dumas.

“My parents were those kind of old school parents…they told me this guy, he’s good, he has a job, he’s stable, you’ll be sorted. That’s it.”

Lawrencia said she thought of protesting the decision to marry her off but she had never questioned her parents and at that point she hadn’t grown bold enough to challenge their decisions.

“I felt it was so unfair but at that time in my life I didn’t have a voice.” she said.

After being thrust into an ‘arranged marriage’, things didn’t work out and in the end, she decided to divorce her husband. That was the point her father got so infuriated with her decision that he threw her out in the cold from the apartment they were both occupying in New York City.

“I got the divorce and my dad kicked me out, winter time, New York City, in the streets.” she said.

“My dad kicked me out!” she emphasized.

“When this man kicked me out, I think my whole life that’s the worst thing that’s happened to me. I don’t even know my way around New York and you kick me out winter time because I decided to go against your wish…I think that was what made me hard. ”

The mother of two added that she stopped talking with her father for years after that incident and they only reconnected last year.

For her part, Joselyn Dumas opined that it pays to have a shoulder to cry on when such troubles fall on you in life. According to her, complaining about her problems to a close friend, crying out and even yelling helps her forget them.

‘Keeping it Real with Joselyn Dumas’ is a talk show created by the actress which involves women talking about issues that affect their lives and how they deal with them without breaking down.

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