District Assembly Elections To Begin Next Week As Electoral Commission Conducts Workshop For Polling Agents

District Assembly elections to begin next week as Electoral Commission conducts workshop for polling agents.

Assemblymen and unit committee leaders’ election to begin next week on Tuesday (1st September, 2015) as the Electoral Commission Of Ghana conducts workshop for the selected polling agents who will be working at the various polling stations available.


The exercise began today, 25th of August at exactly 9:00am when old members who are already working as polling agents came to the event and new members willing to take part in this temporal job also joined the workshop to be trained to know the electoral procedures that are involved in the assemblymen and unit committee leaders’ voting process.

The District Assembly Elections are held every 4 years to elect new Assemblymen and unit committee leaders in the various communities.

There are only 2 options involved when it comes to the election of Assemblymen and Unit committee leaders. It is either the members in the communities vote to elect new Assemblymen and Unit Committee leaders or the people in the communities vote to retain the the same/previous Assemblymen. An Assemblyman who doesn’t undertake any developmental projects in the community would likely lose his position since everyone is looking for development.

Several speeches were made at the event and one Electoral Commission Officer gave a talk on what will be done at the polling station where the electoral process will be conducted for the Assemblymen and Unit committee leaders. He made it clearly that, we are trying to give equality to all political parties in Ghana.

He further stated that, if this district assembly elections is successful, then it means the general elections for the year 2016 will also be successful by the Grace of God.”

Again, the Officer made it clear that this is a volunteer job and it doesn’t need any partiality and so equality must be provided for all candidates since we are doing it devoid of any political affiliations

Check out the things that were done at the workshop.

  • Names were written to ensure that the right number people were present.
  • Members were tasked to prevent any type of violence and corruption.
  • Previous members’ names were mentioned along with their respective polling centers to ensure whether they were present or absent and also to replace new ones with the absentees.
  • Members were divided into mini groups and they went through some lectures on how to handle issues and how to scan bar codes of voters.
  • How to switch off and on the fingerprint device which will be used for scanning the bar code and detect fingerprints.

I had so much fun covering this landmark event today. Please stay up to date as we bring you more news on this website. Your views, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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