Why You Should Visit Wli Waterfalls In Volta Region, Ghana.

Sometime ago I made a trip to the Volta Region in Ghana. It was a very long and hectic trip I must say but before I let you in on what stressed me out through out the whole journey, let me tell it from the beginning.

I was once a devoted member of the Agape House New Testament Church at East Legon, Accra. The church as part of its annual youth activities decided to organize a trip for the members to Wli falls in the Volta Region. Volta Region is one of the few regions in Ghana with a very rich culture and tourism. It is famous for harboring the Mount Afadjato and the Wli Falls.

Our trip began around 11 am, a bit late than we anticipated because of disappointments on behalf of the driver/bus we hired. The journey was quite a hectic one as I said earlier — traveling from Accra to the place was an unending trip especially for a guy like me whose longest trip ever was from Accra to Kumasi. At one point during the journey, our car was actually carried over the Volta river on a ferry to the other side of the town. Pardon me if I can’t give vivid descriptions to the towns and other locations during the journey — like I said it was months ago and besides I was on the road for the first time. All I wanted to see was the waterfalls and it seems I had to wait forever for that to happen. I’ve had a negative perception towards excursions or going on sight seeing and it was this — why would any one want to pay for such a long trip to let’s say Paga, just to see a bunch of ugly crocodiles swimming in a pool or say to see a bunch of villagers living on water at Nzulenzu. You live on water — big deal!

Perhaps I had to rethink that notion because I remember the last time I went on an excursion was during my J.H.S days at Wesco Demonstration in Kumasi. We paid a trip to the famous Canopy walk at Kakum and surprisingly that was one of the most memorable days of my life. I’ve never left the shores of the country and I wish my next trip will be to Las Vegas! If you’re a believer, shout Amen!

Moving on — we got to the place as late as 3.00pm and we spent about an hour just walking to the place where the Wli falls was actually situated. All the same, it was worth it and here is where I convince you on why you should also embark on such a trip to the place if you haven’t already.

Well, for starters I’ve seen rain fall from the sky so it was really nothing new from what we saw at the place — but the amazing thing was the stories behind it. If I remember correctly, I was told that the fall was made up of two main parts, an upper section which can only be seen from a far away distance as one approaches the WLI township. At the foot of the mountain where the main fall is, the upper fall could not be seen. One can only reach the upper course through a tiring mountain-climbing exercise which lasts for one and half to two hours. On the other hand, the lower part of the fall which is the fall proper could be reached after about 40 to 45 minutes trekking though the forest. In which case we spent almost an hour reaching, we couldn’t explore the top of the fall because time was far spent.

I was blown away by the breeze the fall carried along as it plunged its way down. The water was 100% clear and natural and I understood why Voltic would go extra miles to tap water from falls into bottles for sale.

An interesting experience is that before one will reach the fall site he or she has to cross nine wooden foot bridges that have been built over the nine meanders of the AGUMATSA RIVER on which the fall is located. Lovely!

Again, looking for a cool place on a very sunny day to relax? Then Wli is the perfect relaxation spot, apart from the cool breeze it blew, the water below was perfect for a good swim. The pool is just about 1.20 metres deep. But there is a portion of it that is very deep and has become a restricted area for swimming. I hardly swim but I had to experience the water myself, at least with my feet.

Did you know that Wli Waterfalls is the highest waterfall in Ghana and West Africa.

I had quite a memorable moment at the place and if there was one thing I regret, then it was going there without a swim suit. I hard to look longingly as they splashed water and had fun with the beautiful ladies. In fact, a visit to the waterfall is soul-touching. It is an experience every nature- loving person should endeavor to taste. All in all we had fun and below are photos to convince you if you’ve never been to the place!
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