Ebenezer Senior High School’s Headmaster Reveals Real Reason Why Samini Was Prevented From Interacting With The School’s Students

The headmaster of Ebenezer Senior High School located in Dansoman, Mr. Richard Kofi Mensah has vehemently denied claims put forward by Samini that he was denied access to the school because of his dreadlocks.

The Reggae/Dancehall artist gained a lot of attention after he told Citinews in an interview that the headmaster prevented him from interacting with the students because he found his hairstyle – dreaklocks inappropriate as part of his school tour in Dansoman ahead of his annual Saminifest.

Samini said:

“The headmaster of Ebenezer Senior High School decided that because of my dreadlocks, I was not fit to speak to the students of the school which is in Dansoman where I live, which is 5 minutes from my parents’ home,”

However, the headmaster told the same platform, Citinews that Samini did not follow protocol thus didn’t wait for the school to respond to his letter prior to “storming” the school to perform/interact with the students.

The headmaster said:

I didn’t prevent him from speaking to the students. I prevented them from coming into the school because their letter had not been approved. How can you just jump in to come and speak to the students? Again we are in exams week. You’ve sent a letter so wait for us to write to you that you requested to do A, B,C, D, and the green light has been given so come over and do it.

“I’ll apologize to him if that is the right thing to be done. I wouldn’t have a problem. For the dreadlocks, I have a student in my school who has dreadlocks. A girl. So why would I discriminate against him for his locks?” he asked.