Gospel sensation and ‘Mo Ne Yo’ hitmaker, Diana Antwi Hamilton who recently displayed her adorable twins during the occasion of their birthday has revealed to Ghanaweb in an exclusive interview that she had to wait for a long time after marriage before giving birth – six years.

Diana also revealed that her biological sister went through a similar thing during her marriage hence the song ‘Osoro Bekasa’ was inspired by her sister’s predicament.

Diana Hamilton, speaking to Bernice Owusuwaa of Ghanaweb said:

“I did not have any problems when I released my album, because I was newly married. My big sister however at the time was going through a lot so she was in mind when the song was made.

But after 3 years of marriage when I had not conceived, the song became more personal to me. In all that time, I did not give up”.

“I used to cry, I used to get very sad. But blessed be to God that I never spoke against Him. I believed the right time would come.

During all that time, it was difficult for me, but when I came out of it I understood God. I have seen that He had a reason for what happened”.

What can we say? God’s time is the best. Isn’t it?

Source: EonlineGH.com