We’re barely a few days to the general elections, and it seems the social media drama between the two main opposing parties is not yet over.

EonlineGH.Com has chanced on an audio making rounds on social media which suggests a conversation between Mzbel and Tracey Boakye.

In the 7min 10secs audio, Tracey who was at the other end of the phone call with Mzbel accused her of allegedly controlling the social media account of ‘Papa no’ and subsequently creating pseudo accounts to tarnish her image.

She also said that she had access to ‘Papa No’s’ phone and could see all the disgusting messages Mzbel sent to him, such as “she wants to fuck him” etc.

Tracey added that Mzbel allegedly edited one of her captions that ‘he is so good in bed’ and sent it to him to tarnish her image.

In fact, the identity of Papa no was suggested in the conversation but we will leave you to decide after listening to it.

Recall that, months ago there was serious drama on Social media between Mzbel and Tracey Bokaye over this same Papa No

Listen to it below