Exclusive Audio: Wisa Insults Radio Presenter | Says His Mother’s Pu$$y

Rising Ghanaian artiste, Wisa Greid is caught in yet another scandal.

The musician who is in the grips of the law for an alleged indecent exposure act was caught in an audio exclusive to eOnlineGhana.Com insulting a radio presenter who works at Larteh Nu FM Station.

Akuffo Addo came to La last week and was endorsed by Wisa.. The NPP Presidential aspirant then requested that Wisa records a campaign song for him.


The presenter of the radio station went on air and questioned why Wisa will be chosen to record a campaign song for Akuffo Addo, because of his perceived disrespect to the La elders and the scandals associated with him lately. Wisa upon hearing this also went on a rant, called into the station and insulted the guy off air.

This is what ensued between them:

Presenter: Wisa, you see me I am very rough? I did not talk about you

Wisa: Look at his smelly self

Presenter: Listen to me. You are like a son to me

Wisa: Your son is your father. Who is your son?

Presenter: I did not talk about you. When you were told, you didn’t enquire if its true and you are reacting

Wisa: I am telling you. I am warning you, no one should play my music over there anymore

Presenter: If you want to play like this with me, be ready. Be prepared

Wisa: Your mum’s pu**y. If you know you are a man, mention my name on your Station again and you will see me over there. You don’t respect eh

Presenter: Insult me, insult me

Wisa: I will insult you. You are not my size. Say it on radio that I called you and insulted you.

Presenter: Yoo insult me. Wisa insult me Recording cuts

Listen to the audio below:

YouTube video