An intergenerational Conversion between Ghana’s most talented & creative and Africa’s godMc, M.anifest and his 95-year old grand father, Professor J. H. Kwabena Nketia was aired on BBC Focus on Africa 9th January, 2017.

Tipped as his next song from the Nowherecool album to win another International Song Writing Competition Award, ‘Invincible’ was used to set the pace for the interview and was played with a sound bite of another historical music gem, Ephraim Amu in the background spanning the entire conversation.

The convo bothered heavily on the dimorphism between culture of Ghana prior to colonial times and as at now.

Also, too, Prof. Nketia talked about efforts made by our precursors like Ephraim Amu to combine different cultures and find balance between them.

He further labeled Ephraim Amu as a revolutionary character because he followed African culture, portrayed them and transmitted them to the next generation as evidenced in our way of making music from post independence till now.

M.anifest concluded the interview by asking his grandpa if he likes his music and as expected, the response was affirmative.

“Your music is a fusion of both old and new culture and also lays great emphasis on creativity. You know creativity is not one short thing. It is a continuous experience and that is exactly what you are using to bring forth the creative results the world is enjoying from you”, the professor concluded.

Listen to interview BELOW (starts at 18th minute)

Story by Felix G Fate Korku