Brother Sammy, a popular gospel musician based in Kumasi and known for his impressive live worship performance is caught up in an embarrassing web – as his extra marital affairs with a lady by name Ohemaa Jacky, based in London, resulted in a pregnancy of which he forced the lady to abort or risk her life for it.

Background Of Their Relationship

Ohemaa Jacky is an up and coming gospel musician who met Brother Sammy in November 2015 when she visited Ghana. Their friendship grew into an intimate affair which led to a 6 month old pregnancy. Brother Sammy, who is a married man, strongly denied the paternity of the pregnancy and insisted that she aborts the baby or risk losing her life. has sighted Whatsapp chats/exchanges between Brother Sammy and Ohemaa Jacky, in which the former pressed on the latter to abort the baby or risk her life for it. Below are the chats:

Ohemaa Jacky Recounts Miscarriage Experience

The ‘Hakuna Matata’ singer, disclosed that she had a miscarriage after 7 months.

“Sammy’s issue was true but I didn’t want to talk to any media house because I was in a crucial moment then. I wanted God to save me first before I comment on the matter. It is true that Sammy impregnated me but because of spiritual matters, I lost the baby.

“I’ll never abort a baby because in UK, they beg people to give birth when pregnant because they will cater for you. I faced spiritual challenges and the man, Sammy, also said he was going to kill the baby. He promised to destroy the baby so he believes the miscarriage was the will of God,” she said.

Update – More Allegations Against Brother Sammy

Few days ago, numerous women have come out to accuse Bro Sammy of having sexual affairs with them and jilting them. One of the women who spoke on Accra based radio station Vision 1 FM, in an anger mood, said she will personally beat up the worshipper should he deny ever having an affair with her.

Brother Sammy’s Response

Manager of Bro Sammy, popularly known as Kofi Nkoso, has denied ever knowing Ohemaa Jacky or any of the women making wild allegations at his artists. To him, none of what the women are alleging is true and so should be disregarded.

Critics Opinions

Some art critics have shared their thoughts on the issue. One of such reads:

In as much as we condemn Bro Sammy alleged actions, were the women right to be in such sexual affair with the singer? It is noted that most of these women happen to be Christians too especially the other Singer, Ohemaa Jacky.

The question is are they not Christians to also follow the Bible teachings of avoiding themselves and staying away from fornication? Are they not being taught to stay away from infidelity until married? Again, were they forced to sleep with the worshipper?

Why the complaints now simply because…(we deserve to know their intentions though) Assuming somebody as Ohemaa Jacky was married later by Bro Sammy, would she have come out to tell the world the fornication involved between them before the assumed marriage?

Both Bro Sammy and his accusers must bow their heads in shame and apologize to the Supreme Being they serve.




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