False Rumors About Jack n Jill Biscuits Debunked #Welovejacknjill

The lovers of jack n jill biscuits in Ghana have launched a campaign against the rumor that has been circulating on social media especially WhatsApp about the biscuit.

10 years of hard work H&H company Ltd, the sole agents of Jack n Jill in west Africa has stated in an interview with their marketing director that no matter what others try to damage the reputation and the image of this brand we are going to continue our journey in providing the best quality of biscuits, candies and toffees to our cherish consumers. We have built a strong brand over the years and we have won people’s trust in our company and our brand, we can tell it’s very hard to change our consumers perception by false rumors on WhatsApp and other social media as we believe nowadays people are more educated and aware about fake news, but even though we are appealing to authorities to take this issue in consideration as it affects businesses and investors.

We are so grateful to our brand supporters with their lovely reactions on social media “Facebook” join the popular trending hash tag #welovejacknjill to support this campaign.