Fella Makafui collapsed from hunger – Mother-in-law

Over the weekend, news of Mrs Fella Frimpong collapsing at her engagement ceremony generated a lot of controversy on social media with many attributing her collapse to a ‘hidden pregnancy’.

Whiles her family members, colleagues, fans and friends were busily praying for her revival, the actress ‘recovered’, grabbed the microphone and said she faked her collapse to test her husband.

She indicated that the purpose of her stunt was to see if her husband really loves her.

“I’m an actress. I’ve been pranking him so I said ‘okay, lemme see if he’s gonna get scared today’,” she joyously said without apologising to those who trembled with fear. She rather asked the gathering to party.

However, Medikal’s mother, Mrs Portia Lamptey has disclosed in an interview with MzGee on 3FM’s Showbuzz that her daughter in-law collapsed from hunger and suffocation, implying that Fella lied when she said she staged her collapse.

According to her, there were a lot of bodies around the newly engaged couple [Medikal and Fella Makafui] when they took to the dancing floor to exhibit their dancing prowess, causing lots of discomfort and people feeling suffocated.

Mrs Lamptey has however reiterated her support for the latest couple and urged the public to wish them well as they’ve began a new journey.