WTF Is Wrong With YOLO Actress Fella Makafui — See These Raunchy Photos She Took

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.19.53 PMIt seems it has become the norm for any fast rising talent to release tongue wagging photos online these days for publicity sake.

YOLO actress Fella Makafui is obviously saying “you guys haven’t seen the last of her” since she decided to release these barely there photos showcasing her “pretty little tiny” boobies to the world.

I’m stressing on this phrase because there is literally nothing on her chest to flaunt and it’s such a shame that these less endowed ladies can get away with putting their goodies on display.

I thought YOLO was supposed to teach the youth of today good morals — and there lies the irony of it all.

This same lady was captured grinding in a very sekxsually suggestive way — as seen above.

She is a model so there is obviously some form of justification for her nudity but hey who said you can’t cover up and look pretty as well? She may be winning awards for her talent but she definitely has to toned down a bit on the nudity.

For God sake put some clothes on woman!!

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