Flowking Stone Waited This Long To Share This Perfect Photo Of His Son!

Flowking-Stone-and-sonIn December 2014, Ghanaian rap artist Kwaku Nsiah-Boamah popularly known as Flowking Stone got married to his long time girlfriend Bridget with whom they are blessed with one child.

In October 2015, they welcomed the new member of the Nsiah family who was delivered successfully in Europe. The “mekyea kyea” crooner decided to share a photo of his son for the first time — which is a perfect birthday gift from him to his fans.

The rapper waited months to get a much older, healthier and best of all the perfect day of his life which also doubles as his birthday to share this photo of his smiling son.

We can’t help ourselves but to admire this picture of the proud daddy with his son.

Mr and Mrs. Boamah
Mr and Mrs. Boamah

Bridget also shared a message to her loveing husband. Read from below. (Unedited)

“U ‘ve stuck with me in times of joy and sorrow.I ‘ve dedicated my life to u when we got married but today on ur birthday,I want to renew my dedication and commitment to making ur life a joy to live every step of de way.birthday come only once a year.but a like u brings life to hundreds every single day.I’m so glad that God sent into this world,happy birthday my luv and the best daddy ever…we luv u”