Sarkodie – From The Dusty Roads Of Shame To The Glitz And Glamor Of Fame

Sarkodie – From The Dusty Roads Of Shame To The Glitz And Glamour Of Fame

King Sark

“Rome was not built in a day”, a quote of reality which is gradually becoming meaningless in our fast paced world where the tried and tested tenets of success are rapidly being thrown out of the windows. The youths of today who inevitably double up as the future of tomorrow need to be taught over and over again the simple principle of “nothing good comes easy”.

The hustle is real

We need to be taught that success is not something that finds us. We find it. We need to be taught that success isn’t an instantaneous occurrence but rather an occurrence which happens as a result of long hours of toiling, weeping and even wailing.

Ruled by “sweet” biblical doctrines of God’s time being the best, we sit, fold our arms and do nothing. God’s time is manifested in what he has placed within us and we can only make God’s time count if we find something worthwhile to do. Sarkodie rightly said in one of his hit songs that his is music, yours could be sewing. God’s blessings are manifested irrespective of career choices but they are dependent on extreme thought, strategy, vision and a relentless effort to stick with the plan despite setbacks.

He persevered

It is extremely wonderful to spend hours in the presence of God on a Friday all night service but ask yourself; after that, what next? Is progress tied to long hours of prayers and fasting?

Today being Tuesday the 10th of July 2018, we acknowledge the birthday of Sarkodie, one of the world’s finest rappers…….. but have we asked ourselves the extent of sacrifices he made to come this far? Have we asked ourselves the numerous times he might have been rejected but failed to give up?

A sit at the table of men

The world might be strange and governed in mystery but one thing is sure: we are makers and destroyers of our own destiny. The mad rush to get rich quick and I mean get rich quick without being mindful of the means has become a cancer of the youth which needs to be cured.

Everyone has a story to tell and I wish that on the birthdays of such people who are setting the pace and blazing the trail in their various professions, they give us an insight into what they had to endure before they finally touched the feet of success.

The message is clear: “no pain, no gain”.