Health, according to the World Health Organization refers to a complete state of distinctive physical, spiritual, mental, social and emotional wellbeing but not merely the absence of diseases. So as seen, to be healthy requires that one is able to amalgamate the various elements of health seamlessly. However, one aspect of health which is not often talked about is our social health.

Social health is simply one’s ability to make friends and play his/her role very efficiently in the society so that he/she doesn’t become a nuisance. One thing is paramount, though: As we age, the need for companionship with the opposite sex increases.

Social media has made access very easy but starting a conversation for most guys via social media always proves to be a herculean task. It is even harder when the lady seems disinterested and responds with very short and straightforward answers.

A twitter user with the handle @Sikaofficial1z_ has shared a conversation he had with a lady in “Upt” and a lady in Ghana in order to prove that “e no be say the boys dema mouth die but say e be the shoddies wey be antiso”.

Other guys also shared their experiences when trying to chat up Ghanaian ladies. Source: