“Gyimii. You Want Me To Die Before You Talk About My Effort” – Bisa Kdei Slams Guy Who Wanted To Troll Him For Releasing “Funeral Songs”

There was no Ghanaian musician on Billboard’s top 15 sub-Saharan African Artists based on global views.

What caught the eye was that the list was dominated by Nigerians…..and kudos to our “Naija brothers and sisters”.

This latest development is indicative of the fact that there’s a lot more work to be done to lift Ghana’s music to the heights it so much craves.

It is almost common knowledge that a lot of Ghanaians suffer from the “Pull him down” syndrome and will rather support an outsider than his very own to succeed.

So when @ bra_melo_ attempted to troll Bisa Kdei for singing “funeral songs”, the astute highlife musician had none of that and referred to the former’s comment as a “foolish tweet”.

Kdei further slammed @ bra_melo_, asking him to support his own and not wait for his (Kdei’s) death before appreciating his efforts in the industry.