HARD TALK: Is Yaa Pono’s Music Meant To Induce People To Smoke Marijuana?

Yeah, you read the caption right. I’ve been wondering for the past two weeks why the rapper keep professing his love for this substance “marijuana” in every song he makes nowadays. Is this a plot to entice his youthful listners to also take a cue?
Pidgen Music artist Yaa Pono aka “Uptown Energy” is one of the finest rappers in the country — but on content-wise I’m tempted to say that he is the weakest. Yaa Pono has the punchlines, the flow and everything, but his lines and I dare to say all of them don’t make sense.
If you have been an ardent follower of his music you’d have realized that he is now driving towards a new topic, “marijuana”. He virtually preaches the use of illicit drugs in every song he makes and I simply don’t get his aim for doing so — whether he wants to motivate the innocent youth into smoking like he does or he has simply run out of “sensible” topics to talk about.
It’s no news that Yaa Pono is a habitual smoker and I believe that his love for this illicit drug has crowded his sense of
morality. Then again, he knows his target audience. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against the guy. His songs however are sounding too offensive nowadays. I doubt most of these songs he churn out get airplay because of the offensive lyrics.
Let me tell you about one incident that happened not long ago in Legon. Yaa Pono was billed to perform at Kwapong Hall Week. The rapper came on stage with a few known tracks which got people jumping here and there. Then he switched to his “wee” songs for a while which almost drove the fans away because there was too much talk about marijuana and about him wanting to smoke.
Have you heard his song “high grade”, he basically talks about smoking till the death of him. Again, listen to a part from his hit song “Amen” which also talks about him smoking and many others. He does all these songs and still wonder why he is not taking serious in the industry.
Music has a lot of influence on the listener, it can put him/her in a good mood or worst change the character.
There is a saying that “what you listen is what you are“. Will he be happy if some of his fans confess that his songs influenced them to smoke “wee”? Will that be an achievement he will be proud of?
I think some of these songs are the reason for the many morally incorrect youths in the country who record “crap” every now and then and post it to social media. I’m sure you’ve come across some of these ridiculous and disturbing videos online.
I mean which mentally stable person will want to play a song like his “high grade” in his/her room after a hard days
work? Yaa Pono has issues and I think the sooner he gets help the better. SAY NO TO DRUGS!