He was just crowned 2019’s African Best Footballer but despite his obvious footballing prowess, another thing which endears Mane to a lot of folks around the world is his simple lifestyle…….offloading water bottles from Senegal’s team bus to cleaning the toilet in his mosque…….just name it!

In an interview with BBC in 2018, Liverpool Imam Al-Thabi revealed that despite his obvious wealth, Sadio Mane visits the Liverpool mosque like any other person……and in effect, shelving his “high status” into the wardrobe.

According to the Imam, Mane drives to the mosque in an ‘ordinary car’ despite having a Bentley and then helps clean the mosque’s toilets, an act which makes the Muslim community gape in awe!

Mane pictured cleaning the mosque’s toilet

Imam Al-Thabi said:

“He often comes to the mosque. At home, he has a Bentley, but he comes to us in an ordinary car, so he is incognito. It’s not someone looking for light. There is no arrogance. Sadio comes from a poor community. He’s the kind of guy who will help. He has a lot of initiatives and helped build a mosque in his home village”.

Source: EonlineGH.com