“I Almost Quit Doing Music When My S3xtape Leaked” – Itz Tiffany

Musician, Itz Tiffany, whose sexually-explicit videos leaked in 2014 has said that the incident almost made her decide not to continue doing music.

According to her, although she felt the intensity of it to the extent that she considered quitting music, she rescinded her decision after a careful thought.

“When it happened, it hit me in a certain way that it made me not want to do music any more. But when I took a month off, I realised that it [music] is that thing that makes me happy so I said instead of looking at it in the negative way, why not look at it in a positive way to redirect me to know what I should and shouldn’t do. And it actually made my mind-set really strong, it made me more focused and watchful. It showed me who is real and who is not,” she told Hitz FM.

In the midst of the controversy, Itz Tiffany in an interview on Joy FM’s Rhythmz A-Z said the videos were recorded while she was legally married to the man, Frank White.
She alleged that Frank leaked the videos because they had been battling for custody of their son who leaves in the UK.

“It is me… That was shot six years ago with my ex-husband I was engaged to him, I have a child for him and sadly enough he has been able to keep the video for six years and wants to do what he is doing but forgetting that we have a baby together, he is just not disgracing me, he is disgracing himself [and] his family… He threatens me. He lets my son send me voice notes. I never ever in a million years thought that a guy that I have lived with, married to for seven years, carried your baby for nine months, pushed the baby out would ever do that; even if you are bitter about me, think about it in the next three-four years when your son is a big boy,” she said.

Frank on his part denied ever leaking the video.

“The videos were like personal property. They weren’t something meant to be out …at that period of time I was in a relationship with her. I will never do something like that, especially [when] I’ve got a kid with her. I love my kid so much, I’ve been looking after him. There is no way I will do that and it is just ridiculous for her to think that,” he said on Neat FM.

Itz Tiffany is known for hit songs like Fake London Boy, Spanner and Neke Neke.

Source: Abrantepa.Com