Interview With Homechow’s CEO: The Leader In Mobile Food Delivery In Ghana

A couple of weeks ago, we had the chance to interview one of the Ghanaian tech startup CEOs I respect: Gabriel Ankamafio, CEO of Homechow. He had a different career path in mind studying, but ended up settling for entrepreneurship.

Homechow is the leader in the mobile food delivery space in Ghana. They have had phenomenal growth in the last 13 months and it’s an extremely interesting company which I am following closely. We sat down with Gabriel to find out how he and his team are transforming the food delivery space in Ghana, about where the company is at today and where it is headed in the future.

The exchange follows below:

Gabby. what inspired you to start Homechow?


Why the name Homechow?


Gabby, when did Homechow open in Ghana?


How does the Homechow App work?


How is Homechow different from any of the other food delivery apps on the market?


What is the total number of employees?


Many people say they avoid food delivery services in Accra because the riders get lost or the food gets cold. How does Homechow approach these challenges?


What are some of the challenges in the Ghanaian tech space?


Are your courier officers assigned to specific restaurants or neighborhoods?


Do you expect any acquisitions as time goes on?

Tell us what the vision is for Homechow