The trio were listed among the 250 influential women in the world. The list was put out by and it is an automatic algorithm based on social media influence. takes into account various metrics from Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram to arrive at the list.

“Whether you’re a would-be woman-leader or have spent decades being one. You could be less well or skilfully equipped than to read the short biographies of leaders who’ve been through the journey before.

So we’ve compiled a list from top women leaders. It’s a list of influential women at being pro-active,” the website stated.


Yvonne Nelson came up number 113, Joselyn 179 and Yvonne Okoro 189 with Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey placing the first and second positions respectively.

“Honored…humbled to be included in this with these amazing women. 250 most influential women leaders in the world,” Yvonne Nelson said on social media after seeing the list.


1. Hillary Clinton
2. Oprah Winfrey
3. Nancy Pelosi
4. Maria Shriver
5. Dilma Rousseff
6. Helen Clark
7. Katie Couric
8. Michelle Obama
9. Arianna Huffington
10. Emma Watson

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