Junior Agogo’s Untimely Demise “Glorifies” Our Society

Let me share a story I was told some years ago about a lady who was “dumped” at a psychiatric hospital because she had some mental problems.

After “dumping” her there, her family totally disconnected- no visits or even mere phone calls! However, this lady made a full recovery and it was required that she be discharged from the hospital. Efforts to reach her family proved futile……then the lady came up with an idea. Though unethical, it worked.

This lady feigned death. When information reached her family and friends that she was dead, they came in their numbers to the hospital………but to the shock of their lives, she was very fine!! Her life didn’t matter but her “dead body” did………….

Yesterday was a sad day in the world of sports as Manuel Agogo, affectionately known as Junior Agogo kicked the bucket.

Agogo is remembered as the toast of the nation during the CAN 2008. It was rumored that a certain number which was reported to be Agogo’s phone number received more than a thousand phone calls when the number was put out – yes, Agogo was a hero! His physique and performances on the pitch endeared him to the nation.

However, the circumstances leading to Agogo’s death leaves a lot more to be desired.

In 2017, during a documentary with BBC titled Speechless, Agogo emphatically revealed that he has being neglected by his colleagues since he suffered stroke in 2015.

He said, “now, nobody gets in touch with me. I dunno man because I used to talk to a couple of boys that are in the national team but when the stroke happened, they always said no…..because I couldn’t speak”.

Fast forward to Friday, 23rd August, 2019 and all that remains of Junior Agogo is his lifeless body……And just as we expected, the tributes came pouring in!!

But check out this tweet from Stonebwoy.

We can be sure that during Agogo’s funeral, “his dead body will be shown the love he didn’t deserve during his lifetime”. But to what end?