Kenyan Gives Chinese Man A Hot Slap After Being Called A “Black Baboon” By The Latter

The idea of disrespecting and discriminating against a people because of their skin color – racism, is as absurd as it is annoying. And in as much as efforts are put in place to eradicate such an inhumane practice, there’s a general feeling that these efforts aren’t strong enough – at least when compared to how these same people who claim they are fighting racism pushed for the “rights of gays and lesbians” to be granted even in African countries where such practices aren’t condoned.

So then to a very large extent, when the law cannot save, the hero to be celebrated will have to be an outlaw.

A video shared by a Twitter user with the name @navok_1 shows the video of a man, reported to be a Kenyan visciously slapping a Chinese who was alleged to have referred to him as a “nugu” which means “black baboon”.

Watch video below:

Owing to the corona virus, it is difficult to deduce how recent this incident occured as well as the location of the incident.

That notwithstanding, Africans shouldn’t be blamed if they are left with no choice other than to literally “fight” racists and in effect, racism.