When you graduate from The University of Ghana, Legon with a Second Class Upper in BSc. Agriculture and with specialization in Post Harvest Technology, surely we’ll all expect that fertile lands become your play ground – not the stage of entertainment shows.

But the latter became the play ground of Derrick Kobina Bonney, popularly known as DKB (the initials of his name). He didn’t choose comedy……. maybe, just maybe, comedy chose him.

Such has been his unorthodox path to the pinnacle of Ghana’s comedy to the extent that he heavily descends on anyone who makes even the least of attempts to discredit his work. It’s understandable – “He who cannot do should not interfere with the one who’s doing it”.

However, I am sure a lot of DKB’s fans will wish that he tries his possible best to avoid getting into spats – especially considering his latest one with Kwadwo Sheldon.

But that’s not today’s issue. Let’s shift our attention to today’s agenda. One thing about the entertainment industry is that you always need a breakthrough – that single performance which catapults you into the limelight. After that, the onus lies on you to keep being relevant, which is actually the most difficult part of the job.

And that moment of breakthrough ought not be forgotten. DKB has turned back the hands of time to the joke that made him jump from obscurity into the light. It was a joke which typified the behaviours of Ashantis, Gas and the Northerners prior to a fight.

Let me not bore you with a lot of writing. Watch it below and have a good laugh:


Source: EonlineGH.com