In Kenya: Woman Shamelessly Narrates How Pastor Makes Her Squirt In Bed

In Kenya: Woman Shamelessly Narrates How Her Pastor Makes Her Squirt In Bed


A pastor at Suneka in Kisii has landed into trouble after a woman was heard praising him for making her ‘rain’ in bed. Pator Kipla, is alleged to have slept with one his church members at the New Testament Gospel Church.

Trouble began for the young pastor when a photo of him making love to a woman in his office allegedly went viral.

The residents could however not take action against the pastor because they couldn’t confirm if the person in the photo was indeed Pastor Kipla. The pastor denied he was the one citing that the person on the photo was not him despite the striking resemblance.

A woman known as Njeri, had her cup full when she was overheard saying that Pastor Kipla made her rain in bed. The residents are now curious and want to know what kind of rain Njeri was talking about.

“We can no longer tolerate the rumors and his supposed bedroom miracles. If he doesn’t show us how he made the woman ‘rain in bed’, then I think his days are over”, lamented a trader at Suneka market.

Njeri had allegedly praised the pastor for his awesome bedroom displays. According to friends, Njeri said she saw splashes of water coming out during the intercourse, something that hasn’t happened to her before.

The pastor has on the other hand gone into hiding ever since the rumor went viral in the area.