REVEALED: Yvonne Nelson’s Long List Of Enemies

To make it to the top of the Ghanaian movie industry, you have to be ruthless. Ghanaian long legged actress Yvonne Nelson may not be on top of her game at the moment, but we understand she has left a slew of haters, hating in her wake. And now that we’ve phrased it like that, it probably means they’re less like mere haters, and more like fallen heroes. Here is a list of people EonlineGhana.Com has compiled who valiantly challenged the person responsible for gracing your screens once in a while… (Flip to the NEXT Pages for more names……)

1. John Dumelo


John Dumelo was once Yvonne Nelson’s partner in crime — the two were inseparable and were seen together virtually everywhere until things between them went sour. It all began through a Tweet by John Dumelo saying Yvonne had stabbed him in the back in connection with the past #DumsorMustStop vigil when the Princess Tyra actress described him as an “ass kisser”. Despite the tension, Yvonne says John is “still my boo”.