KiDi Encourages Ladies To Send Their Boyfriends N*des In New Video

Sensational Ghanaian singer, KiDi has released a preview of his new song “Send Me Nudes” from the Golden Boy Album in order to encourage the sharing and swapping of sexual materials between couples.

The song “Send Me Nudes” describes what happens in modern relationships when the males are continuously requesting the girls to send them nudes.

KiDi was shown in the video singing the section that encourages the sharing of such material and how the males may jump on the song and use it to demand such explicit materials from their ladies during a live session.

In fact, KiDi stated that he is confident that the males would utilize his song “Send Me Nudes” to send a clearer message to their ladies about why they want those materials on a daily basis.

Women were urged not to beat about the bush, but to make a concerted effort to make such items available to their husbands.

He is the sugar gyaldem.

Source: OMGVoice