Ligue 1: Stade De Reims Club Doctor, Bernard Gonzalez Commits Suicide After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

Ligue 1 club, Stade Reims has confirmed the death of club doctor Bernard Gonzalez, aged 60.

Paying tribute to the late doctor, the club referred to him as a Doctor, Artist and Stadiste”.

Gonzalez committed suicide after he tested positive for coronavirus.

French media giants, Le Parisien reported that he wrote a suicide note which contained a ‘detailed letter’, explaining the link between his actions and the diagnosis.

Gonzalez had been the club doctor for Stade De Reims for 20 years.

Dr. Bernard Gonzalez

Paying tribute to the late doctor, the Mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet, said: “He was the club doctor. A great professional, recognized and appreciated by all. My thoughts are for his parents, for his wife, his family. He is a collateral victim of Covid-19. I know he left a note to explain his gesture. But I ignore its content.”

Manager of the club, David Guion told L’Equipe: “My president has just informed me. It’s very difficult to talk about it. We’re in shock.

“He left a letter explaining his gesture. I do not know more. I can’t afford to talk about it any more.”