Ghana is a wonderful country blessed with a lot of natural resources and great people. However, the ability to prioritise has always been an achilles heel for most people and it sometimes rears it’s ugly head in our leadership.

The decision to build a national cathedral which was initiated by President Akuffo Addo was received with a lot of backlash… many, there were more pressing issues which needed rapt attention. These issues included insufficient hospital beds, insufficient ambulances, the rising rate of unemployment but it was obvious that the President of the land had made up his mind and nothing was gonna change it.

It was later revealed that the construction of the national cathedral will not be funded by the government. Apparently, some churches keyed in on this and were glad to support the course of building a national cathedral.

So many people were still shocked but more issues came up and everyone “forgot” about the issue of the national cathedral…’s Ghana you know!

Lydia Forson hasn’t forgotten and she has voiced out her fraustrations about the construction of the national cathedral.