PHOTOS: What M.anifest, Kaakie, Sister Deborah et al Wore To 2016 Chale Wote Arts Festival

This year’s Chale Wote Arts Festival which ended on Sunday, August 21 had most of Ghanaian celebrities attending.

These entertainers were at the event to show their support. Some of them also climbed stage to also entertain the crowd who were at the event.

Some of the celebrities who attended the arts festival were Hon. Dzifa Gomashie, Kaakie, M.anifest, Pappy Kojo,

Pascaline Edwards, KOD, Nana Yaa, Deborah Vanessa, Harold Amenyah, Panji Anoff, Epixode, Wei Ye Oteng and many others.

See what these stars wore to the event.

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