Moesha Boduong Threatens To Kill Herself With A Worrying Suicide Note

Actress Moesha Boduong has got friends and fans worried with a message which sort of suggests her intentions to commit suicide.

The well-endowed actress earlier on posted a picture with a message which suggested her intention to commit suicide. The message read “Soon I shall become a memory waiting to be erased”

Her message got a lot of friends worried, with many calling on her to take down the post.

Princes Shyngle wrote: “Moe delete this please ???????????????? common boo I’m begging you ????????????????”.

Benedicta Gafah aka Empress Dictabee wrote: “Aaaaawwwww Moe come on ????????????????????????”.

Iamellamensah wrote: “Moe are you ok?”

It’s still not quite clear why she posted this message or what her intentions may be — but one thing is clear, something is wrong somewhere.