‘Naming Our Airport After Kotoka Shows That We Do Not Appreciate What Kwame Nkrumah Did For Us’ – A Plus

Betrayal, betrayal, betrayal!!!! It’s an open secret that Major General Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka was a trusted ally of the late Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah however, Kotoka was shockingly responsible for toppling Nkrumah’s erstwhile government via a Coup d’etat on February 24, 1966. In the photo below which has since gone viral, we are warned to pay closer attention to those whom we consider as our friends/allys since there could be wicked motives behind a broad smile.

Gen. Kotoka (arrowed) with a wicked smile.

Whiles Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was out of the country, the then Lieutenant-Colonel Kotoka conspired with Major Akwasi Amankwa Afrifa an officer in the Second Brigade of the Ghana army to embark on the coup in 1996 which brought an end to the First Republic. The coup was code named “Operation Cold Chop” and it was Kotoka, Nkrumah’s trusted ally who announced the coup to the nation early that morning from the Broadcasting House of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, the official radio station in Ghana.

Recent information also has it that the Central Intelligence Agency played a huge part in making the coup a reality.

Founder of The People’s Project and political communicator, A Plus has blamed the late Kotoka for the problems Ghana has being faced with since she gained independence whiles citing that it was totally disastrous to name an airport after such a traitor.

According to A Plus, it is a dishonor to the memory of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for an airport to be named after Gen. Kotoka.


Source: EonlineGH.com