Patronisers of telecommunication giants, MTN Ghana were dealt a huge blow when for some days, internet connection was lost. MTN Ghana later explained that the loss of internet connectivity was as a result of a disruption to it’s fibre optic cables.

The fault was rectified and MTN Ghana announced a 2 gigabytes data compensation to all of it’s users – though the data’s with a caveat.

However, lots of MTN subscribers have compained about the terrible internet service they’ve received despite the formers announcement that they have resolved their internet challenges.

Below are some of the complaints:

Some explained that the terrible internet service was due to a lot of people trying to use the internet at the same time hence the onset of an “internet traffic jam”. However, that excuse sounds quite absurd because basically, most of us are on the internet most of the time. Or perhaps, we really have to consider MTN Ghana since there’s the reality of a lot more people trying to browse at the same time? Well……!

Voila! A subscriber of MTN Ghana known as Kofi Thomas Edission has accused the telecommunication company of deliberately slowing down their internet’s speed in order to ensure that the free 2GB data isn’t enjoyed by subscribers.

According to him, MTN has capped their internet speed at 25kbps so that people cannot enjoy the 2GiG data they have been given.

How did he realise this?

The MTN user wrote that prior to buying data, the internet speed was capped at 25kbps but as soon as he bought data hence ditching the free 2GB offer, the internet speed shot up to 370kbps.

Read his full post;

Dear MTN Ghana,

I am highly disappointed in your effort to restore our lost bundles as a result of the recent fiber cut for 3 days. You sent a message across that you have refunded us with 2GB valid for 2 days. We all agree that the fiber cut was not a deliberate effort however I just realized you have capped the speed to 25kbps .

We the people of Ghana are not ignorant about your strategy.

You are a disgrace and a cheat for stealing our bundle and refunding us 2GB with a capped speed of 25kbps .

As soon as I topped up my speed rose to 370kbps.

I urge the National communications Authority (NCA) to put you to order on this senseless action.


National Communications Authority

All that glitters is not gold, eh?