The Crimes Of The Ordinary Ghanaian

“Naked we came and naked we shall go” is a statement most of us are familiar with. The rationale behind that statement is to prove beyond every reasonable doubt that all humans are the same. Irrespective of the “humanly devised concept of societal class”, we must all realise that we need each other to survive.

In effect, I find it strange and intriguing when some “politicians ” refer to others as the ordinary Ghanaian…….come to think of it, is anyone really ordinary?

In the wake of the wild protests in Adenta, we must realise that every life is important. Reports have it that about a hundred and ninety-five people have perished……basically because of a lack of footpaths/footbridges.

Is it because those we elect into political power view the majority as ordinary? A death toll rises from one to a hundred and ninety-five and our elected leaders sit aloof?

In this democratic dispensation, must we always resort to vandalism in order to have our needs met?

The powers that be must realise that “they can never fool all of the people all of the time”.

“I arrested my case”.