Outrageous: Man Wins 289157.99 Cedis From 1 Cedi Bet

Some have launched campaigns against sports betting whereas others have embraced it as though it were a full time job. And so for those who have embraced it as a source of livelihood, every chance missed or every goal scored means a little bit more……

Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim launches campaign against sports betting

Now, sports isn’t merely about supporting teams and enjoying their victories…..there’s an added chance of making ends meet by correctly predicting occurances in the game.

Is it easy to make a profit of over 200 000 cedis from just 1 cedi? A business tycoon will tell you that you are insane…..but that’s the hope of most sports enthusiastic fans who go into sports betting.

The hope of winning so much from very little is so huge that despite numerous losses in bets, they still keep on…….firmly believing that one day, “the God of favor will smile on them”.

And of course the hypothetical God of favor did smile on a certain Joseph Ben Nyarko.

He placed a GHS1 bet on a 13 leg multi bet and won a whopping sum of GHS289, 157.99!

A jubilant Nyarko couldn’t hide his excitement and declared that he was going to use some of the money to pursue a Masters Degree.

The praises Nyarko showered on God was was worth listening to!

Watch the video below:

Nyarko’s recent “victory” will definitely serve as a morale booster for most people who engage in sports betting so if you want to launch a campaign against sports betting, you may have to think twice.

Or you can ask Serwaa Amihere to recount her experience to you.

After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained…..or “I dey lie”?