Relationship Talk: “How do I get my girlfriend's mum to like me?”

Relationship Talk

No matter what I do, my girl’s mum just seems not to like me.

My girl thinks I’m being paranoid but I felt her mum’s the few times I have been over at their place.

The mum has not said anything about not liking me yet, but I feel she will when I eventually ask her daughter to marry me.

I actually intend to ask for her daughter’s hand in marriage soon. But I am scared her mother will block it. Should that discourage me, or should I still go ahead and ask her even if it’ll end in disappointment.

Hi reader,

This feels to me like a simple case of nerves. It’s actually hard to judge intent. So if your mother-in-law has yet said nothing about you and her daughter, why not calm down and go on with your romance?

I know you are the one going through the situation but I feel this issue has a 50-50 chance of being true or being false.

I’d rather have you see it as a half-filled cup. Look on the bright side. You can not dump the wish to marry your dream girl because of what you think her mother thinks about you.

How do you think that’d make her feel? I think you owe yourself the knowledge of the fact that you actually tried but you were thwarted.

So go on loving your girl. Propose when the time comes. Everything will be fine.
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