Stacy Amoateng Leaves TV3 For TV Africa

After almost two decades of working with TV3, TV presenter Stacy Amoateng has finally called it quits with the station.

The pretty presenter, who said her final goodbyes only this week told Showbiz in an exclusive interview that she is now headed for the new TV Africa.

“It’s been almost two decades and I must say that TV3 gave me a lot of exposure. We’ve had our highs and lows but one has to look out for other challenges to be a better person. There’s not been any bad blood, it’s a growth thing. I’ve grown and I’ve moved on,” she explained.

According to Stacy, she actually started to feel the growth when she started producing her own show, Restoration With Stacy which was aired on TV3.

Stacy added that she will be making an appearance at TV Africa very soon where she will also double as the Head of Content Development.

“The new TV Africa is bringing on board a lot of energy, it’s going to be vibrant with lots of great stuff. Other people are joining the train, Ghana should watch out for the new TV Africa because we are looking at giving Ghana a total transformation in content when it comes to television,” she said.

“When we talk about television in Ghana, it’s almost predictable but the new TV Africa is going to be an addictive channel, once you tune in, you will be stuck to it because it is going to be very vibrant, we should expect more excitement,” she stressed.

Asked what could have enticed her to join the new TV Africa, Stacy said it is the excellence and quality that the station is coming with, “I saw the vision and it really feels good. I could relate to the vision. In television, it is how much of a risk-taker you are that can take you places.”

Does she hope to take her huge following on TV3 to TV Africa?”Once you work on a brand, you make a following, in every situation you win some, you lose some. It is hard luck to TV3 and good luck to TV Africa,” were her words.

As Stacy herself put it, she is one person who has grown on television, “mine has almost been like a reality show because my life has been out there including my marriage and my pregnancies so I would urge my fans to channel their energies to follow me on TV Africa because it will be an amazing experience.”

Interestingly, Stacy’s husband, Quophi Okyeame used to be on TV Africa where he hosted Soundz Splash while Stacy was hosting Music Music on TV3.

Stacy’s move to TV Africa reminds her of advice her grandfather once gave her which said that, “in life no matter how high you think you are, never mock the one below.” As a result, Stacy says she tries not to have feuds with anyone.

“If I had said something bad about TV Africa while I was on TV3, I would have been biting my fingers now,” she said.

Source: Graphic Showbiz