After the image of his old Iphone 6 screen’s protector went viral, a lot of critics have used that as a basis to brand Sarkodie as “The Stingy One”.

Moreso, Sarkodie’s the type who rarely flaunts his acquisitions……however, because of his status as a celebrity, a lot of people expect more from him.

Call it the Pygmalion Effect! In an interview with Andy Dosty, Sarkodie has addressed the widely held perception that he (Sark) is stingy.

To summarize his thoughts, Sarkodie simply explained that he’s not bothered by other people’s opinions especially when they aren’t true.

Below’s what Sarkodie said:

I think people expect too much from me because they care more. As a person, if I do not feel like I am what you say I am, it wouldn’t worry me.

You can’t get me to try and prove to you that I am not stingy and so it doesn’t bother me at all when i hear such stuff about me”