It is a widely known fact that acclaimed dancehall act Stonebwoy had an accident in his early days which has rendered him handicapped.

The reigning artist of the year was pushed to the wall to walk of stage during the recently held Live Fm’s grand launch.

An unknown guy from the crowd disrespectfully jumped on stage whiles Stonebwoy was performing his hit song “Go Higher” and started mimicking his walk.

Amidst the security at the event no one seems to care and Stonebwoy who felt offended by this threw some harsh words at the guy whiles walking off stage, flying the microphone to the crowd.

Why do Ghanaians make jokes out of everything and was that even supposed to be funny?

In my opinion, this guy should be made to apologise to Stonebwoy and the crowd whose fun was cut short because of this coward act of mimicry.

Bola Ray and his EIB team should issue an apology as soon as possible since nothing has been heard from them either.

It’s high time people took responsibilities for their actions..Watch the video below….



    I saw de video n It was horrible…..

    God have mercy on tht guy

    This was too bad

    That guy should no that, disability is not inability

    some people deserve to be beaten paaa….
    God have mercy

    Stone, lyf is lyk dat, so take it easy,

    This musician’s can do anytin 2 get attention… u can’t do dis in a foreign land u won’t even get de chance 2 climb touch de stage… m3da koraaaaa

    Reggy sometimes its not easy tk tinz cuul wen u r looked upon esp in public n wen it comes to been handicap. So datz how he cld hv dun.Stonebwoy we apologize on his behalf cus we know how u will feel. Sowi

    Brooo big srry

    Look at how beautiful my brothers n sisters r bt our dad who give us air today…..pls brooo don’t look down on just frgv him n move on

    Love u more lil bro. U will only go higher

    Never and ever feel bad the way people treat you but rather keep your focus and go more high brother. You are specially created by the almighty GOD and He has a great purpose for you brother. Be more happy with your special gift, be bless.

    Live him, let God bee your guard

    stone just as ur song goes, Higher higher eeeiii a go dey pray mk a go higher

    4gt dat boi hu depend on his parent for Gh2 a day

    was the guy in army uniform dead or asleep??

    I wonder if dis Guy who did that has forgotten he has not pass accident
    and besides he must knw dat one das to dat because no one knws what will happened in de next second

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