Supreme Court: Check What Sammy Gyamfi And Kojo Oppong Nkrumah Were Doing Outside The Courtroom

After every court sitting, we see the legal teams of the petitioner and the second respondent engaging the media, where they take turns to explain their stance on the day’s proceedings. There are situations where the conversations slightly deviate from the whole issue to sometimes the casting of aspersions and subtle jabs at each other.

During proceedings at the court also, it is all business as usual with arguments and counter arguments either to make a point or refute a stance or position taken by the opposite sides.

All these happen in the full glare of the general public. Viewers get to see all these because the media outfits are ever present at the venue.

The public and social commentators, especially those who are party-centered then pick it up from there and plunge into an arena of banter and in most cases insults and accusations.

What the general public misses however are the events that cameras of the media do not capture. These are usually the informal engagements where members of the opposing sides as well as their counsels engage in hearty conversations and crack jokes.

These occurrences tend to shock people who think all they see from these politicians are real.

The reality and true picture actually happens when all is done and they live their private lives. These seemingly opposing members are close friends and family.

A picture on one politician’s social media handle threw more light on this reality. In the picture, the communications director of the main opposition party Sammy Gyamfi is seen having a casual conversation with Minister of information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah and other members of the legal teams of both sides. Yet you would get people who can barely make ends meet engaging in heated arguments in anger over these politicians.

Anytime you pick a phone to type an insulting or denigrating comment under a political topic on the internet, always remember that Abu Jinapor and John Jinapor belong to opposing sides of Ghana’s political divide, but at the end of the day, all what they make out of their political career will go to the same family.

What will your insults get you?