The Fall Of The Ghanaian Movie Industry

The Fall Of The Ghanaian Movie Industry

Movies such as Destiny, Dangerous Game, Idikoko’s Stolen Bible, “Daabi Daabi”, Lucifer and several others some years ago, were on the lips of every Ghanaian. These movies had one thing in common thus, a wonderful story line people all over the world could relate to.

In terms of Television Series, Taxi Driver, Inspector Bediako, Things We Do For Love, The Keysoap Concert Party, By The Fire Side, Cantanta, Home Sweet Home, amongst a host of others portrayed the Ghanaian culture through the storyline exhibited. There was a genuine love for the Ghanaian movie and this was directly because of the unique story lines portrayed as well as how we could relate with such stories.

Fast forward to 2018, the Ghanaian Movie Industry is not as overwhelming as it used to. Our local television series have been taken over by Foreign Telenovelas and our television stations have fallen in love with Nigerian and other Foreign Movies. Things must change!

The Zylofon View is a platform that gives Ghanaian Movie Producers the right platform to restore the lost dignity and audacity of Ghanaian movies. There should be more to Ghanaian movies other than the “normal comedies of insults and witchery” which we witness in most of our present-day Ghanaian movies [Kumawood].

During the launch of the Zylofon View, there were genuine arguments about the number of Ghanaians who will be willing to pay $3 to watch “just” one movie. The basic truth is that QUALITY SELLS.

Therefore, the onus lies on our Movie Producers to revisit the past and produce incredible story lines that can sweep us off our feet.

It is of little surprise that during the launch of the Zylofon View, the General Manager of Zylofon Media, Saani Daara said that Jamaicans used to be interested in Ghanaian movies and that some of these Jamaicans even started speaking “Twi” as a result of their affection for Ghanaian movies.

Upon the revelation by Frank Owusu [Franky 5], the Public Relations Officer [P.R.O] of Zylofon Arts Fund that SilverBird Cinemas offers Ghanaian Movie Producers a 50% Premiere deal whereas Zylofon View offers the Movie Producers 70%, there is a genuine reason to believe in the Zylofon View initiative but………..

Zylofon View has presented the golden opportunity to our Movie Producers and it is up to them to come up with content that will see us rush to the Zylofon View portal. Other than that, the Zylofon View will at the long run, become an exercise in futility.