The New Year In Style

Less than a week for us to go back to our normal duties of work, school and everything, but we have to do something else to feel the holiday spirit; celebrating and ringing in the New Year.

Are we ready to wreck 2016 because 2015 totally wrecked us? Ouch! Yeah? Well, before we wreck it, we need to rock it in style, don’t you think so? If you totally agree with me, keep on reading. Let’s rock the New Year in style.

Thursday, 31st December

1 2 3

The first outfit is perfect for a night out with your friends. The second outfit is great for a family end of year party, and those of you church lovers, you might want to choose the third outfit.


Friday, 1st January

4 5

I am in love with the first outfit. You can still put on the brown cardigan when the harmattan cold is being stubborn. The second out is for lovers of African fashion.

Saturday, 2nd January


Let’s go out, shall we?

Sunday, 3rd January


It is the first Sunday of the year, and we want to go to church with a heart full of thanksgiving and an outfit showing that we are ready to face the year ahead of us.

Monday, 4th January


Happy back to usual activities of our lives (school, work, etc).