Derrick Kobina Bonney (DKB) has always being an advocate of Ghanaian music…..well but one may ask, “Why is he bothering himself since he’s a comedian, not a musician?”. The answer’s quite simple…..The entertainment industry is intertwined so much so that one aspect cannot do without the other…….the relationship shared amongst the various sectors (comedy, music, movies) are symbiotic.

Failure to achieve symbiosis will result in a situation like the one which has befallen Stonebwoy. I guess you are wondering what might have happened……???

Well, as Stonebwoy took his turn to perform during the Soundcity MVP Awards 2020, the crowd present decided to behave as though they were “Stones” and just refused to react positively to Stonebwoy’s energetic performances!

And of course those in attendance can by no means say that they do not know who Stonebwoy is. Stonebwoy’s by no means a “little” artiste and the manner in which he was treated with contempt by the Nigerians leaves a lot more to be desired.

DKB has for quite a while being advocating for the playing of 100% Ghanaian music in no other country than his own homeland, Ghana but it appeared that most Ghanaian Disc Jockeys (DJ’s) weren’t on the same page with him.

One thing’s true! Ghana’s entertainment industry cannot rise if the very people within it aren’t doing their best to ensure progress.

If our very own Stonebwoy can be treated this way, then imagine the pandemonium if Ghanaian comedians take center stage in Nigeria……….

Also, we need to be real…..why play a lot of Nigerian music in Ghana when our “act of kindness” isn’t reciprocated in Nigeria?

Or….have Ghanaians lost the taste for Ghanaian music?

Anyway, let’s watch DKB’s furious reaction below: