Ventsell Inc – Crowdfunding & e-ticketing Platform

Just like neurons in a giant brain, we are all connected by the internet, the internet is now so big and powerful that for most of us it is a complete substitute for life. Amidst this pointless advance in online activities, VENTSELL INC. is here to serve as the solution to most of our online interactions.
Ventsell Inc is an e-technological company that build tech and online solutions to make life comfortable for everyone. Ventsell currently offer two main online services, which is crowdfunding and e-ticketing.
Ventsell Inc is for the first time in Ghana introducing crowdfunding as a source of raising money from a large number of people for a particular project via the internet. Ventesell’s crowdfunding platform will ensure that traditional ways of soliciting for funds becomes a thing of the past. With this crowdfunding platform, participants can raise money by simply sharing links to family and friends to contribute via mobile money, visa or master card for a particular project or course. This initiative is definitely the street light for young entrepreneurs, event organisers, NGO’s, Charity organisations and all those who want to raise money for a worthy course.

Ventsell e-ticketing platform also allow patrons of any event to purchase tickets online in the comfort of their homes in a queue free environment. Event organisers who colligate with Ventsell to sell their tickets online do not only save themselves time and money but also get to advertise their events for free. As if that is not enough, Ventsell also have streaming service called ‘ventcast’ where they can stream an event live on the internet.
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