Ghana achieved a lot of success after it’s ‘Year of Return’ intiative.

The Year of Return, Ghana 2019 was an initiative of the government of Ghana that was intended to encourage African diasporans to come to Africa (specifically Ghana) to settle and invest in the continent. It was formally launched by President Nana Akuffo-Addo in September 2018 in Washington, D.C as a program for Africans in the diaspora to unite with Africans.

The year 2019 was symbolic as it commemorated 400 years since the first enslaved Africans touched down in Jamestown, Virginia in the United States. The program also recognized the diaspora’s achievements and sacrifices in the time since that event. The Ghana Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture lined up a slate of activities in “celebration of the resilience of the African spirit.”

Celebrities such as Cardi B, Rick Ross, Akon, Tina Knowles (mother of Beyoncé) visited Ghana. Financially, the effect of the Year of Return on Ghana’s economy was also huge!

It was reported that the tourism sector recorded a tremendous growth of 18% in international arrivals from the Americas, Britain, Caribbean and other key countries while total airport arrivals increased by 45% for the year.

Estimated spending of tourists also saw a significant increase from $1,862 in 2017 to the current figure of $2,589 per tourist, with the impact of tourism on the economy estimated to be about $1.9 billion.

With so much benefits, it’s easy to understand why our “noisy” neighbors, Nigeria also decided to come up with their own version of the ‘Year of Return’, ‘Door of Return’.

Since Nigeria made that announcement, the trolls have been epic! And comedian, Derrick Kobina Bonney, popularly called DKB has had his bite at the “trolling” cherry!

Watch the video of DKB trolling Nigeria for being ‘copy-cats’ below: